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About Us

Al-Huda School is a private educational institution approved by the Ministry of Education. The School was founded by the late Mrs. Souad bint Abdullah bin Jumaa who was inspired by the famous saying of His Majesty “let there be education even if it is under the shades of trees”.

Mrs. Souad has founded the school in (1984) at her own expenses and under her management. The school started as a kindergarten and then included primary stage later.

Mrs. Souad has developed Al-Huda school from a rented house in Ruwi to a rented villa in Darsait Hights and then to modern school facilities on a large area at Coastal Darsait which started to receive students in 1998.

School Grades :

  • Kindergarten.
  • First Cycle.
  • Second Cycle.

Learning System :

Al-Huda started with a monolingual learning system and then devloped to a bilingual system since (1998-1999) after that e-learning was applied in 2005.

our values

Our work and our main concern to enhance the concepts of human rights, tolerance and justice.
Mission to develop the role of our school within the community, and enhance its educational, cultural and social standing.

Aspire to appreciate, nurture and encourage the students’ creativity and innovation.


Neatly support and enhance the original Omani values and customs.

school vision

Social educational establishment, with a noble mission aiming to create the students’ personality, ensure their education and provide them with the Islamic values, role models and self respect.

our objectives

  • Nurturing Islamic, religious and moral values.
  • Continuing supporting the educational process and achieve best quality standards by a strong curriculum, followed by cooperation with a selected faculty members.
  • Achieving cooperation and integration between all the people in the school within a dynamic matrix where all compete to perform their best.
  • Strengthening the relation between the school and its surrounding environment, and involve the parents in building and supporting the educational process.
  • Graduating students full of confidence, proud and able to positively interact with modern developments, and flexible and capable of dealing with the advanced technology, capable of facing the international competition in various academic and practical aspects, and positively participate in the comprehensive development process.
  • Providing the opportunity for the students to practice their creativity, and to develop and enhance their skills, and compete in local and international competitions.
  • Planting the seed of belonging and patriotism, and raise them on loving the country and respecting its sanctify.

school message

Committed to equal opportunity for high quality education for all the students enabling them to think in a creative and critical way, continuous education, and tolerance and respect the others, and gain the skills required for them to be productive citizens, actively participating in making the culture of their Omani community, while preserving their heritage and customs.